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The Privy Club Presents... In The Know Friday's where we bring you a collection of our favorite artists from several different genres of music both signed and unsigned.  As increased global awareness, intellectual growth, cultural transformation, media transmission, and technological inventions occur across the world, our knowledge of music has dramatically expanded in the last century. #ITKFridays was created to inspire music diversity, cultural expression, and learning to operate without creative boundaries.

There is a basic question about why humans need musical diversity. The response could be a combination of : cultural expression as a human right, learning about the world is human nature, what we know about the world from a basis for cultural expression, and cultural expression is part of what we learn. Diversity comes from outside of this boundary and leads to more learning, which enriches cultural expression. Diversity can also contribute to the same cycle in other cultural boundaries to enrich their teachings and expressions, which enriches this fluid cycle and reinforces the redefinition of music. 

If you are an artist or an enthusiast and would like to help lead to rich and meaningful life experiences for all please email or DM to submit your music to be featured on #ITKFridays