ORPHAN WORK - Adopting from Anonymous Artists

by Vincent Edwards in , , ,

There is this Instagram culture happening in design where every designer wants to be famous,” the duo tells us. “They want you to connect a personality to the object. With Orphan Work we want to put the objects first.


New York-based designers Lauren Larson and Christian Lopez Swafford, recently launched a "faceless" brand extension, called Orphan Work, founded on the concept of adopting work from anonymous artists. Often crafted or re-purposed from abandoned, orphaned scraps, the collection assigns function to what might otherwise have been discarded, celebrating the materials and functionality of items like candleholders, doorstops, and plates. 

The pieces are made in extremely limited quantities. Larson and Swafford put it this way: "It's almost like a farm-to-table restaurant. The work will be reproducible but with small changes depending on the circumstances we are working in. We want to make sure things do not become standardized and we can stay open to evolve."