by Vincent Edwards

Hello All,

The year twenty-fifteen was a great year for The Privy Club! I’m sure many of you noticed that we have yet to release product to the market, and I apologize to you all for that. Since I started the company in twenty- thirteen I understood that not only would it be difficult but there would also be a long journey ahead of us, but we are grateful for our lessons and have adopted the mantra (Viam aut inveniam aut faciam) which translates“I will either find a way or make one.” -Hannibal

Your constant support and patience mean more to us than you know, which is why I am honored that you've stuck with us on our journey to produce wonderful garments created for the man of taste.

Cheers to twenty-sixteen, to my old and new friends, a fresh start, positive energy, creativity and growth! Enjoy the photos of our recent trip to the Islands of St. Maarten and Anguilla, in our attempt to disconnect to connect, this trip was inspired by our search for inspiration, culture, and good vibes I’d say we were here successful, stay tuned for updates and new releases this year!


GRAND CASE ST. MAARTEN | 2016 | LIFE SIMPLIFIED: Good Vibes @theprivyclub

PEACE OF MIND | 2016 | ANGUILLA: Disconnect to Connect @theprivyclub

We are influenced by drives to which we have little access, and which we never would have believed had not the statistics laid them bare.
— David Eagleman

PRIVY CLUB HOLIDAY | 2016 | ISLAND HOPPING: Glore á Dieu @theprivyclub